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This letter is way overdue and is also both a happy letter to write as well as a sad letter. Last year we were asked to take in a little girl and possibly give her a home because no-one in her biological family wanted her nor could take care of her. We really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into as we knew nothing about the child, but for reasons only God knows, he chose us to try to do what we could to help little Candace. Even though we do not have biological children of our own, as foster parents of seven children in four years from the ages of newborn to 14 recently, we believe we gained experience in helping children who have been neglected and/or abused. Nowadays, raising children can be a challenge, but one thing is for sure - raising someone else’s children is an even bigger challenge. Add to that their life before they came into ours and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. What we found out was that we did not have the tools to help Candace. We tried for almost six weeks to provide her with a safe, loving home and chose a wonderful daycare and what we believed to be a future wonderful Christian school where we knew she would flourish. Sadly, it wasn't enough. This has been a very difficult time for us because we had such high hopes for Candace, but knowing there are beautiful people like you and your entire staff who know how to love unconditionally in this world makes it easier to accept we couldn’t keep Candace. We want to apologize to the staff and parents for any disruptions that were caused to the other children and employees, and we especially want to thank everyone who gave 150 percent trying to help Candace succeed. We also want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for us as her caretakers.
Carol and Kelly L.
Loving School Again
Our five year old daughter attends KRK in Concord, NC. Kids R Kids is the fourth childcare facility Kaydence has attended. When she was born five years ago her father and I were not very financially set as we are today so we could not afford the five star facility. She attended a small daycare but everyone there was very loving. As she started to blossom into a toddler I realized she was not getting the attention she needed at this facility to be at the level I thought she should be. Unfortunately, my husband were relocated to a different area and the academy was now an inconvenience for both of us. Reluctantly, we moved her to another academy up the street from our home. The adjustment was hard on Kaydence and us. She cried when we dropped her off and when we picked her up in the afternoons she would beg to go back to her “old school” . It broke our hearts to see our baby girl so sad. School should be a place of fun, friends and memories. The turnover rate at this location was ridiculous. It got to the point where we didn’t even know who her teachers were. She never came home with artwork anymore, her attitude had changed and my daughter begged us each day to not have to go back to school. Then, she started telling my husband and I about being choked on the playground with ropes, being kicked, pushed down and even bitten. Never once was an incident report sent home. I began to search for a new childcare facility and I came across KRK Concord online and began reading reviews and browsed their website quite intensely. I setup an appointment that day. When we arrived at KRK I was blown away. I had never seen the facility before and couldn’t believe how beautiful the building was. I was greatly impressed with the floor plan, how open everything was, security, the cameras and instant video access to your child, the staff, the chef, the technology and my daughter’s favorite the splash pad! My husband and I enrolled her that evening and she started at KRK the very next Monday. On my daughter’s first day, she was nervous because of how unhappy she was at the other academy. I ensured her this was a new place, with happy kids and full of love. I went to work later that day so I could meet her teacher, Mrs. Gina. Mrs. Gina instantly embraced Kaydence, took her by the hand, made her feel comfortable, introduced her to her new friends and helped her get settled in all with a smile. As I kissed her goodbye I could feel the tears forming so I hurried on my way so she wouldn’t see me cry. They were not sad tears, they were happy tears because I could tell instantly my daughter felt safe and I could see it in her eyes she was happy. Being able to watch her remotely so I spent quite some time at work that first day watching her and showing my co-workers who were also impressed fascinated me. When we picked her up that afternoon, I actually had to hunt her down on the playground and beg her to leave. She was having so much fun she didn’t even want to go home; that was a first for us. As time went on, we watched our baby girl embrace her new school, her teachers and the curriculum. Within a few days she was writing her name and telling me all about the wonderful things she was learning. The artwork coming home was abundance and I loved reading about her day at school. Now, Kaydence even asks to go to school on the weekends because she misses it. KRK doesn’t feel like a place of business it feels like a second home almost. Everyone speaks as you walk by, even parents engage with each other. It always smells delicious because the chef does an amazing job. Not too long ago I asked my daughter who her best friend at school was and she said, “Mrs. Gina!” That tells you a lot right there not only about KRK but the people of KRK. I will definitely be emotional next year when Kaydence starts Kindergarten because we will have to say goodbye to Kids R Kids.
Brandy and Brandon B
Fire Alarm Care
I have 2 boys at Kids R Kids and have so many reasons why I love my Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy. Everyone at Kids 'R' Kids treats my boys as if they were their own. As a working mom, this means the world to me because I want the very best care for my children when I cannot be with them. I have so many examples I could share, but I'll give you 1 recent example from each child: BENNETT My 3-year old, Bennett, is extra sensitive to loud noises. A few weeks ago, the fire alarm went off at Kids R Kids, and Bennett has been scared to go there ever since. The staff at Kids R Kids could have ignored this or brushed it off as a typical 3-year old fear, but instead, they took it seriously and were very conscientious of his concerns. Ms. Amy gave me tips on what I could do at home to help Bennett, including specific book suggestions - all of which I followed. A few days ago, I received a call from Ms. Melissa. She told me that Kids R Kids had a fire alarm scheduled for that day. Since they knew Bennett would be scared, they came up with a plan to have him "help" them. His job was to help Ms. Katie pull the alarm, and then after the drill was over, he had to check to make sure all the babies (including his little brother) made is safely back into the room. After the drill, Ms. Melissa called me back, and I got to speak to a very excited and proud 3-year old boy! They also gave him a cupcake at the end of the day for being such a good helper. Rather than allow the fire drill to turn into a bigger fear for my little man, Ms. Melissa and Ms. Katie turned it into something positive. That night, he told me he wasn't scared of fire alarms anymore, and he hasn't cried about going to Kids R Kids since. GARRETT My 7-month-old, Garrett, caught bronchitis when he was a few months old and hasn't been able to get rid of his cough. The doctor recommended a nebulizer treatment during the day when his cough gets bad. Of course, he hates the treatment and he squirms and cries until it is over. Knowing the Ms. Marlene is both a registered nurse and a grandmother of a baby my son's age, I have confidence that Garrett's daytime treatments are given with expertise and loving care. Every day when I pick him up, they tell me how Garrett's day was, how bad his cough was, and how the treatments went. For a place so busy with so many kids to care for, it means a lot to me that they pay so much attention to each child as an individual and can tell me specifics about Garrett's day. I hope these 2 examples give you a sense of how important Kids R Kids is to my family. They treat my boys with the utmost respect and love, and they care for both their physical and emotional needs - just as I would if I would able to keep them home during the day. I feel blessed to have my kids in such good care.
Claudette G
Not just a number!
Kids R Kids has been a lifesaver and has given our family “Peace of Mind”! We initially went with another daycare because we knew several people who had sent their kids there and had come highly recommended. The first day at drop off, I just had an uneasy feeling but thought it was due to the situation of leaving him for the first time, but, then the 2nd day I decided to hang out for a bit before officially leaving him. I thought I was going to grab him out of there and leave. I didn’t feel like he would be safe since they actually have the newborns and up to 1 yr. olds in the same room. There were kids crawling all over the little babies… there were kids crying all of the time… and I even heard a few comments from the workers that did not sit well with me about the way they would care for Cameron- Very Hectic/Uneasy/stressful environment. I did leave him there that morning, but, was hysterical when I got into the car. I called Jim (hubby) right away and told him how I was feeling, as a mother you just “know” when something does not feel right. SO, I told him I was going to check out some other places and see what the environment was like. I walked in to Kids R Kids Concord without an appointment. I was glad that, although unannounced, it was still ok for me to do a walk through. WHAT A difference! The baby room (the main one I was focused on at that time) amazed me! There were about 4 – 5 kids in there. It was relaxed and not a hectic environment like the one I had “literally” just left! I liked that each child was given attention, belly time, and did activities with them. I, of course, realized that in the other daycare he was just a number and was just lying in a bouncy seat all day long… I walked out of there with a sense of Peace and immediately wanted to go and get Cameron and bring him to Kids R Kids~ I called my husband and told him to go and check it out after work as well, but, that based on what I saw I wanted to go ahead and make the change. We ended up making the decision to move forward with Kids R Kids as soon as possible. I couldn’t stand him being there any more days, that is how unsure & stressed I was while he was there. To this day, I have told everyone that had I had Cameron at Kids R Kids from the beginning my transition to the work force would have been so much easier. His 2nd week in daycare (1st week with Kids R Kids) was smooth and I felt like my little boy was in great hands, was not worried at all, and well, If I did get a little sense of uneasiness I was able to check in on him online! Kids R Kids has become part of our family and Cam likes all of his teachers in particular Ms. Beatriz who he gets so excited for when she walks in the room and Ms. Marlene/director both of which he leaves his mommies arms to go and see!
Azu and Jim
Our favorite preschool
My husband and I love our Kids R Kids Learning Academy in Concord because they have taken the time to earn our trust, not by telling us what they aim to do, but by SHOWING US. When we first visited Kids R Kids, we met Mr. Marty, who was great and he introduced us to his wife Marlene who was also a nurse. As a nurse myself, that made me feel confident in leaving our child in their hands. The staff was friendly and took the extra time to get my son acclimated to the program and engaged. It took a lot to get his mind off of the realization that mom and dad were not there. At the time, we had one son and he was three years old. He'd never even stayed overnight at a family member's home...EVER. He spent every moment with mom and dad, so we ALL had separation anxiety. We hardly got any work done because we spent the majority of the day on Watch Me Grow...until, gradually, we didn't have to anymore. The teachers are supportive and it's great to see how the team all works together crossing the "T's" and dotting the "I's". We now have a second son enrolled at Kids R Kids and as parents, it feels great to have a truly safe place to leave your kids when you can't be with them during the day. Kids R Kids extended hours compliment our busy schedule very well. The boys look forward to all of the activities, everything from Smart Board, to Splash pad, and even naptime for our youngest one, believe it or not. I can't forget to mention how much they love Mr. Chris' cooking. Kids R Kids definitely is a step above the rest. The curriculum does a fantastic job of getting the kids ready for traditional school on both an academic and a social skills level. I don't know what we'd do without OUR Kids R Kids.
Ebonique M
Another Letter to Corporate 2013
My son Mason Bray started daycare about 5 months ago; we researched over a vast area to find a place that would fit our needs. We based our first daycare provider off of location and price. The one thing I noticed was the way my son would cry when I dropped him off and picked him up everyday even after 4 weeks of being there. We assumed this was because it was his first in daycare so wanted to see if he adjusted. Finally we decided to look for another place so we decided to look across town even though it’s not convenient to our home. Upon entering Kids R Kids Concord the staff was welcoming, inviting and answered all our concerns. One of the deciding factors was when my son walked over to Miss. Marlene hugged her and sat in her lap. He’s not one to stray away from his mom and me when we are around. Over the past few weeks we have noticed such a difference in our son’s behavior during and after school. The first day I picked him up he came running to me, smiling, laughing and just babbling away and it brought tears to my eyes to see him enjoying himself. Now when I dropped him off he hangs up his coat walks over to Miss. Noreen and gives her a hug. This school and staff have made such a positive impact on him during his time there from him starting to say words, counting on his hand and interacting with other kids outside of school. I can’t say enough about Miss. Noreen, Amy, Cathie and Marlene and the positive impact they have had on my son. Lymont S.
Lymont S.
Letter to Corporate 2013
Driving home from school my 3 year old son asks me "Where is Africa?" Stunned, I explain the location and asked, "Where have you heard about Africa?" He replies from my teacher Ms. Shanna. He goes on to sing the song naming all the continents. This is one example of how the curriculum at Kids R Kids is rigorous and preparing all the children for the Common Core Kindergarten standards, which pleases this second grade teacher. A few Saturdays later my son went to the pumpkin patch with a group of children from his class who have all been at Kids R Kids since they were in the baby room. The children picked pumpkins and then sang the continent song together, which proved to me that the learning does not stop when a new topic is introduced, rather referred to and continues to spiral. The high quality of education and the friendships are what keep us at Kids R Kids. But, I could go on and on about how my son loves the days in the summer when he has splash pad, doing interactive lessons on the Smart Board, and learning Spanish with Mrs. Beatrice. I have also referred several colleagues to Kids R Kids and can never say enough nice things. Not only do we have a 3-year old at Kids R. Kids but we also have an 8-month old there too. This August when I had to return to teaching it made the transition a lot easier for me knowing that our baby was going to be at Kids R Kids and what great care they took of our older child. Our younger son has a lot of sensory play daily and is consistently stimulated. Daily his teachers tell me about the books they've read, the art project they are working on, or the song they are singing. I have to admit having the ability to check on both of my boys during my lunch break also makes my absence a little less difficult. My husband and I feel so blessed that we found Kids R Kids because their education and care is high quality. In fact we never refer to it as "daycare" we have always told our sons they are going to school. Sincerely, Margaret and Layne C.
Margaret and Layne
Letter to Corporate 2013
Our Kids R Kids, Concord, (NC13) location feels like a loving home. Every morning when we walk in, we are greeted by name, with smiles and enthusiasm. The teachers and staff welcome each child as if they have been waiting for their arrival all morning. In the evening, they say good-bye as if they wished the kids could stay just a little bit longer. The teachers are not only great with the curriculum, they are caring and supportive role models for our children. They lead by example (not only for the children, but for the parents as well). They helped us as first time parents, to know what milestones are coming, and how to prepare for each one. They teach our children how to treat others, and tackle obstacles with patience and kindness. We have felt confident in putting our 2 children (Samantha - 3.5 and Franklin -15 months) in their care, every day, since they were each in the infant room. Their attention to detail is impressive and ensures our children’s safety. Their willingness to work with children on their individual needs is comforting to us as parents. When our daughter Samantha was 4 months old, she got glasses, and was also required to wear a patch on one eye every day. Each day Marlene would put her patch on, and switch it out when needed. Through the toddler rooms up until today, each teacher has worked with Samantha to keep her glasses on, continued patching, and taught other kids to support her. When my husband’s father was ill, Marty and Marlene (Owners) offered so much support, posting on his CaringBridge site, offering words of encouragement, and when he passed, they came to his visitation. Katie, our Director, gave us valuable information about grief support to help our family, and still checks in to see how my mother-in-law is coping. Not only does our Kids R Kids feel like a loving home, they feel like a family. Never once have I doubted the quality of care, the love or instruction that my children receive each day from them and their exceptional staff. I am so thankful that I found such a great place to send my kids. Sincerely, Tara V.
Tara V.
Letter to Corporate 2013
When we stepped into Kids R Kids for the first time we fell in love. Once you step through the door, you are welcomed with open arms and guided through the process to enroll. Having a facility with glass walls to easily view every room not only gives the facility a better appearance but you feel the safety for your child come into play. Knowing that you child is not hidden or in a confined room makes the transition to this great place easy. The webcams are another great feature! When you’re leaving your child for the first time with a non-family member you want to know exactly what’s going on with your little one. Being able to view him anytime whether they are in the classroom or on the playground really calms a worried moms mind. We also have family out of town and they take advantage of the webcam to view our son. Another feature that was very important and won us over was the finger pad entry. We toured many facilities that the only security, was a code you typed in that every person had. Kids R Kids is a genuine learning academy. The curriculum here has given our child a chance to grow so fast. Our son was able to use sign language at 12 months. My husband and I have been able to speak to any person on staff about any issues we have had. They not only help you with anything at school but also give you advice for troubles you may run into at home with your 1st child. They truly give you advice from an experience point of view. Having that help from people that understand and care about the new troubles you are going through really makes this place different from anywhere you will find. In closing, we truly love Kids R Kids and the experiences they have to offer our child. Thank you for being so understanding!
Donald M.
Educational, modern, kids enjoy their time in Kids R Kids
My 4 year old and my 20 months children absolutely love Kids r Kids. Is a great place for kids, the atmosphere in each room is very joyful, making the kids feel welcome and comfortable. The teachers are very responsible and focus in their tasks, they are very friendly and nice. They will report your child behavior and overall how the day went, they have time for you! Great team of teachers! The place is always impeccable, the outdoor play areas are properly distributed according to their age group. Each class is well equipped and distributed. My daughter has allergies and the teacher, administration and the chef are on top of each one of the kids with allergies. They are very aware and take all the precautions needed. The school is allergy free. If needed the chef will prepare a meal specially for my daughter, just in case any of the ingredients may cause a reaction. The administration staff is very responsible, friendly, professional, always there for anybody who needs them, they are busy, busy, busy! The school counts with the "Watch me grow" system which I have to say it brought me peace every day! Overall Kids r Kids a great place, I recommend it!!! Double thumbs up! I absolutely loved it! I would trust my children to Kids R Kids with no doubt! Thanks Kids R Kids😄
D. Graham
Our Family loves it!
My son started at Kids R Kids as an infant and is now 2. I know he is my kid but he is by far one of the smartest 2 years olds I have ever met and I owe that to the fabulous teachers at Kids R Kids. My son loves going everyday. He knows spanish, sign language and can even recognize almost all his alphapbet. They do a great job. I would recommend them hands down to anyone!
Mindy Joyner - NC
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